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Article: Most Popular Gemstones For 2023

Close-up of a woman wearing an elegant necklace with a Montana Sapphire pendant.

Most Popular Gemstones For 2023

A close-up of a colorful gemstone necklace in a luxurious setting.

Navigating the world of gemstones can be perplexing, especially with a new year on the horizon. Although over 2,000 natural minerals exist, only about 100 are classified as gemstones, choosing which to incorporate into your jewelry collection becomes quite challenging.

This article simplifies your quest by showcasing some of the best gems expected to gain popularity in 2023 - from traditional diamonds and sapphires to rising stars like Rhodolite garnet.

Let's explore these sparkling beauties together!

The "Big Four" Gemstones for 2023

A photo of sparkling gemstones arranged on a velvet background.

The "Big Four" gemstones - diamond, sapphire, ruby, and emerald - are set to reign supreme in 2023. These timeless classics will continue to dominate jewelry collections with their enduring beauty and symbolic meanings.

Shining bright as a symbol of long-lasting love, diamonds remain the perfect choice for engagement rings, tennis bracelets, and earrings. Sapphires come in various shapes and colors ranging from traditional blue to chic pink or sunny yellow - they once were revered by royalty back in the medieval period and continue to dazzle today's fashion runways.

Rubies offer stunning hues due to chromium present within them; despite natural imperfections that each stone might have, it only adds more character making every piece unique. Lastly, but certainly not least, is the emerald; its vibrant green color has been a symbol of springtime renewal since ancient times; whether naturally occurring or lab-manufactured these beautiful stones will be found adorning our wrists and necklines next year more than ever before.


A sparkling diamond necklace on a velvet cushion in a bustling atmosphere.

Diamonds, a mainstay in the "Big Four" gemstones for 2023, are admired for their exceptional durability. This longevity makes them perfect candidates not just for special occasions but also everyday wear.

Offering variety, diamonds come in an assortment of colors from red to blue and much more. With 2023 on the horizon, experts predict an escalating demand for these precious stones primarily driven by their popularity in engagement rings and high-end jewelry pieces.

As such, they represent timeless beauty and enduring love that never ceases to captivate those who lay eyes upon them.


A model wearing an elegant sapphire necklace in a luxurious setting.

Sapphires serve as a timeless choice in the gemstone industry, known for their superior durability and varied color palette. Beyond the traditional deep blue we often associate with sapphires, they also come in captivating shades of pink and yellow.

These various hues offer a unique twist to any jewelry collection, be it on fashion runways or simply for everyday wear.

Historically treasured by many cultures, sapphires symbolize loyalty; this symbolism coupled with their resilience makes them an excellent choice for engagement rings. Their high demand extends beyond just romantic commitments though - from red carpet events to high-quality pieces adorning royalty since the medieval period, these natural minerals have secured their place among "The Big Four".

Sapphires are here to stay in 2023's best gemstones trend list.


A model wearing a stunning ruby necklace in a luxurious ballroom.

Rubies, known for their vibrant red color, are expected to take the spotlight in 2023. These gemstones symbolize love, passion, and power – making them a much sought-after choice for high-end jewelry pieces.

Alongside diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds, rubies continue to charm with their timeless appeal. Originating from chromium imperfections inside corundum minerals - this touch of nature lends rubies their breathtaking shades ranging from pinkish-reds to deep crimson hues.

The year ahead anticipates an increased demand for these spectacular gems on red carpets and fashion runways alike.


A photograph of an emerald necklace displayed on a tree branch.

Emeralds, showcase an enchanting green hue reminiscent of springtime and renewal. Known for their durability, emeralds make for versatile additions to various jewelry collections due to their suitability in daily wear.

These stones are often associated with other green gems like green beryl and aquamarine. Even though they share a similar color palette, each stone possesses its unique charm and symbolism.

With roots tracing back to Columbia, these mesmerizing gemstones are not exclusive to nature as lab-manufactured options also exist for those seeking cost-effective alternatives without compromising on quality.

As we step into 2023, the allure of emeralds will continue unabated influencing both red carpet fashion trends and choices in personal adornment across generations.

Popular Semi-Precious Gemstones

A woman adorned with elegant jewelry surrounded by vibrant gemstones and crystals.

Uncover the allure of popular semi-precious gemstones for 2023, including eye-catching Rhodolite Garnet, soothing Amethyst, rare Tanzanite, sparkly Moissanite and refreshing Aquamarine.

Dive in to explore these natural minerals' unique features now!

Rhodolite Garnet

A woman wearing a sparkling rhodolite garnet necklace poses for a portrait.

Rhodolite garnet stands out with its captivating blend of purple and red hues. This gem's allure not only stems from its striking appearance but also its affordability, often presenting itself as a desirable alternative to the pricier ruby.

Known for its durability, Rhodolite garnet is well-suited for daily wear, be it in the form of rings, earrings, or necklaces. Originating from various regions around the world, this semi-precious stone has a unique color spectrum, ranging from pure purple to deep red undertones that come alive under light.

Jewelers appreciate these qualities, often spotlighting Rhodolite garnet in their annual jewelry collections.


A woman wearing amethyst jewelry in a beautifully decorated room.

Dazzling in its rich purple color, Amethyst has been capturing hearts for centuries. As a semi-precious gemstone, it graces various jewelry pieces from earrings to bracelets with elegance and sophistication.

Its striking beauty is not the only reason for its popularity; amethyst also stands out due to its profound meanings and healing properties. Interestingly, this mesmerizing stone is considered the birthstone of February, offering an added personal touch for those born within this month.

Whether you're looking to add a pop of color or seek spiritual serenity through your jewelry selection, Amethyst serves as an ideal choice.


A stunning photograph showcasing a brilliant Tanzanite gemstone surrounded by vibrant sparkling gemstones and diverse individuals with different hair styles and outfits.

Tanzanite is quickly rising to fame in the gemstone world, already considered a favorite for 2023. This precious mineral, discovered by Maasai herders and named after its native Tanzania, has made a name for itself with its deep and saturated colors.

With hues ranging from blue to purple-filled blue, Tanzanite offers an exceptional uniqueness that sets it apart. Notably, this exclusive rarity ranks alongside esteemed gems like emeralds, beryl, and aquamarine in popularity contests.

Its vivid blue-violet color adds an appealing touch to any jewelry collection - making Tanzanite the must-have gemstone of the year!


A woman wearing a stunning moissanite necklace in a close-up portrait.

Moissanite, often touted as an alternative to diamond, shines with a brilliance unmatched by the hardest mineral on earth. This man-made stone has roots in the stars—French scientist Henri Moissan discovered microscopic particles of the gem in a crater created by a meteorite that fell to Earth.

Today’s moissanites are lab-grown, boasting both sustainability and high-quality sparkle. It stands up well against everyday wear and tear, making it ideal for jewelry collections designed for constant use.

Brides looking for diamond alternatives frequently opt for this durable option because of its disco ball effect—the explosion of light from every angle gives off more flashes of color than even top-grade diamonds do!


A woman wearing an aquamarine necklace poses near a waterfall.

Aquamarine is widely recognized as a semi-precious gemstone. This enchanting stone boasts unique green-blue and blue hues that mirror the calming serenity of ocean waves. Its allure lies not only in its captivating color but also in its symbolic connection to tranquility imparted by water bodies.

Known for its delicate nature, Aquamarine demands careful handling compared to tougher gems. Its tender appeal has carved a niche for it in intricate jewelry designs, making it a coveted addition to many collections.

The rising trend of Mediterranean greens and blues, pastel tones, along with rich reds and blues have catapulted aquamarine's popularity among gem enthusiasts and designers alike.

Upcoming Gemstone Trends

An elegant Labradorite pendant reflecting colorful light on a bed of shimmering Pearls.

In 2023, anticipated gemstone trends lean towards Labradorite with its mesmerizing labradorescence and elegant Pearls, setting the pace for an enthralling style year. Dive deeper to discover more about these fascinating trends!


A woman wearing a Labradorite pendant in a well-lit studio.

Labradorite is set to make waves in the gemstone market for 2023 with its captivating iridescence, an effect known as labradorescence. The mesmerizing play of colors across the stone's surface gives it a unique and compelling beauty that appeals to many.

This vibrant gemstone, noted for its shifting hues and depths, has garnered significant attention from both jewelers and collectors alike. With increasing demand predicted for Labradorite in the near future, this enchanting mineral is undoubtedly one of the sparkling stars in upcoming gemstone trends.


A single pearl on sand

Pearls, fondly known as the jewels of the sea, form naturally without any cutting or polishing. Their unique creation process gives them an irreplaceable allure which fascinates gem lovers globally.

Unfortunately, their quality has waned due to climate change and environmental changes in our oceans. However, this predicament presents a golden opportunity for collectors and jewelry enthusiasts; now is considered an excellent time to buy these precious gems before their quality diminishes further.

As we look ahead to 2023's gemstone trends, pearls confidently make it on the list for their timeless attraction and undeniable charm. Despite facing environmental threats, they continue to captivate hearts and adorn beautiful jewelry pieces enjoyed by many across cultures and generations.

Gemstone Shapes and Cuts for 2023

A close-up of a sparkling diamond with a radiant cut.

In 2023, expect to see a dominance of geometric shapes in gemstone cuts that elevate the beauty and reflectivity of high-quality pieces. Explore more about these intriguing trends in our full article!

Geometric Shapes

Gemstones with geometric shapes are becoming a key trend in 2023. These cuts bring out the inherent brilliance and beauty of gemstones, offering a modern and sleek look that is hard to resist.

Think of squares, rectangles, triangles or hexagons - their sharp angles can accentuate the stone's color or clarity. These unique cuts are not only for fancy occasions; they work perfectly fine for everyday wear too.

Jewelers also love geometrically shaped stones because they provide more design flexibility, creating intriguing pieces that catch everyone's eye. However, cutting gemstones into precise geometric shapes takes enormous skill and precision from highly experienced artisans; another reason why jewelry featuring these shapes often becomes sought-after collectibles!

American Gemstones Gaining Popularity

Close-up of a woman wearing an elegant necklace with a Montana Sapphire pendant.

Recent years have seen a surge in the popularity of American gemstones, with Montana Sapphires, Oregon Sunstone, California Tourmaline, and Arizona Peridot leading the pack.

Montana Sapphire

Close-up of a Montana Sapphire gemstone against a natural background.

Montana Sapphires are experiencing a surge in popularity due to their unique qualities and diverse colors. These gemstones, cherished for their extraordinary durability, make them perfect for incorporating into everyday jewelry collections.

Moreover, Montana sapphire's wide range of striking hues has turned it into a favorite choice among customers searching for natural minerals beyond the traditional blue. With colors like pink and yellow available, these gems can satisfy any palette preference.

Their marked impact on the market has also influenced similar colored gems such as grey spinel and grey diamonds. Considering all these factors, experts predict that Montana sapphires will continue to climb up the list of sought-after jewels in 2023.

Oregon Sunstone

Oregon Sunstone is quickly emerging as a contender in the world of American gemstones. Characterized by its vibrant appearance, this beautiful stone carries an aventurescence caused by tiny copper platelets within its structure.

The lively sparkle and rich depth of color in this natural mineral make it a highly sought-after piece for any jewelry collection.

The appeal of Oregon Sunstone extends beyond its aesthetic allure. With increasing consumer focus on ethical sourcing, the stone's American provenance adds to its popularity. One notable source of this unique gem is the Ponderosa Mine, where each sunstone displays a distinctive beauty that can be attributed to specific geological conditions and expert craftsmanship.

As such, Oregon Sunstone stands proudly among other rising stars in the realm of American gemstones.

California Tourmaline

California Tourmaline, a vibrant gemstone found in California's pegmatite deposits, has captured jewelry enthusiasts' attention with its exciting color range. Its hues span from dazzling pink to soothing green and the unique watermelon variant - a single stone exhibiting both pink and green.

Recognized as one of the American gems, California Tourmaline is steadily rising in popularity and market demand for 2023, signifying an increasing appreciation for locally sourced stones.

Arizona Peridot

The Arizona peridot, known for its vibrant green hue reflecting the state's splendid landscape, is rapidly climbing the ladder of popularity among American gemstones. This stunning jewel bursts with positive energy and is renowned for its supposed healing properties, making it not just a visual treat but also a spiritual one.

Adding to its charm is the fact that it serves as August's birthstone, boosting its demand year-round and integrating it into countless jewelry collections across the nation.


A woman wearing a stunning amethyst necklace surrounded by colorful gemstones.

In 2023, the allure of gemstones will continue to captivate jewelry enthusiasts worldwide. From classic diamonds and sapphires to intriguing semi-precious stones like rhodolite garnet, there is likely a gemstone trend that suits your taste.

American gemstones are also poised for a rise in popularity in the coming year. Finally, always remember that while trends may guide us, your personal preference remains the ultimate determinant when selecting beautiful additions to your jewel collections.


1. What are the best gemstones to wear in 2023?

The best gemstones to wear in 2023 include diamonds, sapphires in various colors like pink and yellow, rubies, emeralds, semi-precious stones such as Mystic Quartz and White Topaz.

2. Are there any new trends for diamond jewelry?

Yes! In 2023 you can look forward to unique diamond color trends for engagement rings, tennis bracelets, and earrings; these will feature exciting pieces from collections like Argyle or Midas.

3. Can you tell me about the trending shapes and colors of Sapphires?

Sapphire trends lean towards unique shapes like Cat's eye or Star sapphires along with attractive colors including Pink Sapphires or Yellow Sapphires.

4. Is there a significance attached to wearing Emeralds?

Emeralds symbolize spring renewal & rebirth; it's also worth noting the increasing popularity of lab-manufactured emeralds due to their perfect hues & fewer imperfections compared to natural ones

5. Will colored gemstones be on trend in 2023?

Absolutely! Expect a range of dark hues from Viva Magenta purple gemstones to red rubies showcasing their healing powers, all forming part of Pantone Color inspired collections by designers like Roma Jewelry.

6. Which type of jewelry will feature these popular gemstones?

These popular gemstones can be seen throughout different types of gold, silver or platinum jewellery designs including necklaces, pendants, chains, earrings, stacking rings, cocktail rings, solitaire ones, all forming part of brand-specific collections such as Tomas Rae Aryonna and EOS House Charles Winston among others.