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Custom Made Aquamarine Engagement Ring

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The next time you truly want to make a statement – to really express your love and their individuality - you need a personal gem-shopper. An expert who understands luxury, gem cutting, sourcing and quality. Someone who has already done the hard work for you; who knows that your loved one is unique, so their gems should be too.

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When you choose from Caldera’s exclusive and highly-curated selection, you can relax, knowing we’ve mastered the art and science of finding the world’s most desirable diamonds and gemstones. We search across continents for you, hand-picking the best, and only purchasing from authentic and trusted suppliers.

If you want to turn your hand-picked stone into something that you or your loved one can wear and cherish forever, you deserve an expert jeweller, who we’ll happily recommend

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Square Cushion Cut Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

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