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Peach Sapphire

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Sold outPeach Sapphire 1.07ct Radiant
Peach Sapphire 1.07ct Radiant Sale price$899.20 USD
Peach Sapphire 1.18ct PearPeach Sapphire 1.18ct Pear
Peach Sapphire 1.18ct Pear Sale price$1,209.00 USD
Sold outPeach Sapphire 1.28ct CushionPeach Sapphire 1.28ct Cushion
Peach Sapphire 1.28ct Cushion Sale price$1,106.40 USD
Peach Sapphire 1.35ct CushionPeach Sapphire 1.35ct Cushion
Peach Sapphire 1.35ct Cushion Sale price$1,528.50 USD
Peach Sapphire 1.56ct Pear
Peach Sapphire 1.56ct Pear Sale price$2,156.40 USD
Sold outPeach Sapphire 1.57ct Cushion
Peach Sapphire 1.57ct Cushion Sale price$1,838.60 USD
Peach Sapphire 1.62ct Cushion
Peach Sapphire 1.62ct Cushion Sale price$2,114.40 USD
Sold outPeach Sapphire 1.68ct PearPeach Sapphire 1.68ct Pear
Peach Sapphire 1.68ct Pear Sale price$1,828.80 USD
Sold outPeach Sapphire 2.02ct Cushion
Peach Sapphire 2.02ct Cushion Sale price$3,057.30 USD
Peach Sapphire 2.06ct OctagonalPeach Sapphire 2.06ct Octagonal
Peach Sapphire 2.06ct Octagonal Sale price$1,597.80 USD
Peach Sapphire 2.19ct OvalPeach Sapphire 2.19ct Oval
Peach Sapphire 2.19ct Oval Sale price$2,140.00 USD
Sold outPeach Sapphire 2.52ct Round
Peach Sapphire 2.52ct Round Sale price$3,651.60 USD
Peach Sapphire 4.06ct OvalPeach Sapphire 4.06ct Oval
Peach Sapphire 4.06ct Oval Sale price$7,405.00 USD

What Is a Sustainable Peach Sapphire?

A peach sapphire is a precious stone that gets its name from the color of the fruit's skin. This gem shines with colors that look like pink and orange. Peach sapphires are very rare and unique.

They are usually found in places like Tanzania, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka.

Many people love peach sapphires for their pretty colors. Some choose them for engagement rings because they hold feelings of romance, joy, and passion. These gems are strong too! They have a hardness score of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale.

This means they can stand up to everyday wear better than softer stones like morganite.

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Characteristics of Peach Sapphires

Peach sapphires have a lovely color. They look like the skin of a ripe peach fruit. This makes them stand out from other sapphires. They show pastel hues of pink and blush. Peach sapphires also sparkle in their own way.

These gemstones are quite hard, scoring 9/10 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means they last long! Their toughness is more than softer stones like morganite. You can find these gems in many shapes such as pear, oval, and SunBurst™ cut.

Each stone has its birthplace! Most peach sapphires come from Tanzania, Madagascar or Sri Lanka.

People believe that peach sapphire stones hold feelings of love, drive, joy and yes to life. So much magic wrapped up in one stone!

Peach Sapphires are also perfect for an engagement ring if you're looking something different! A romantic choice with its soft colors that suit all skin tones well; it's sure to wow your loved one!

The Popularity of Peach Sapphires

Peach sapphires have gained popularity in recent years for their unique and romantic appeal. Their soft pastel hues of pink and blush make them an ideal choice for individuals who want a more subtle and delicate gemstone.

In addition, the fleshy color of peach sapphires complements a variety of skin tones, making them a versatile option for jewelry.

The rarity of peach sapphires also adds to their popularity. While blue sapphires are the most well-known, peach sapphires are much harder to come by. They are traditionally found in Tanzania, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka, making them even more exclusive.

Furthermore, the symbolism associated with peach sapphires makes them an attractive choice for engagement rings or other significant pieces of jewelry. These gemstones embody qualities such as romance, passion, joy, and acceptance.

When given as a gift or used in an engagement ring setting, they can convey deep emotions and sentimental value.

Overall, the rising trend towards unique colored gemstones has contributed to the growing popularity of peach sapphires. Their natural beauty and sparkle make them stand out from traditional options like diamonds or other precious stones.

For those seeking something different yet timeless, a peach sapphire is sure to make a stunning statement piece.


In conclusion, a peach sapphire is a unique and rare gemstone that features beautiful pastel hues of pink and blush, similar to the color of a peach fruit. It is a romantic choice for an engagement ring, symbolizing qualities of love, passion, and joy.

With its durability and natural sparkle, a peach sapphire makes for an exquisite and timeless gemstone jewelry piece.


1. What is a peach sapphire?

A peach sapphire is a rare and unique sapphire gem. It's a natural gemstone with colors that mix pink and orange.

2. How does a peach sapphire look like?

The peach-colored stone can range from light pink to rich orange, making each gemstone unique.

3. Is the peach sapphire different from yellow and champagne sapphires?

Yes! While all are types of the classic Sapphire gem, a Peach Sapphire has distinctive orange-pink colors while Yellow Sapphires have golden hues, Champagne Sapphires are lighter in tone.

4. Can you use Peach Sapphires for jewelry?

Peach Sapphires make beautiful pieces of gemstone jewelry because they're bright and rare to find!

5. Are there any benefits to learning about different kinds of sapphires?

Knowing about these stones helps you appreciate their beauty and rarity more, which will instill pride when owning or gifting such precious gems as part of your Gemstone education.

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