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Pink Sapphire

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Pink Sapphire 1.02ct OvalPink Sapphire 1.02ct Oval
Pink Sapphire 1.02ct Oval Sale price$1,042.56 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.03ct Radiant
Pink Sapphire 1.03ct Radiant Sale price$660.50 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.04ct PearPink Sapphire 1.04ct Pear
Pink Sapphire 1.04ct Pear Sale price$773.20 USD
Sold outPink Sapphire 1.05ct Oval
Pink Sapphire 1.05ct Oval Sale price$777.75 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.05ct Oval
Pink Sapphire 1.05ct Oval Sale price$1,476.00 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.08ct OvalPink Sapphire 1.08ct Oval
Pink Sapphire 1.08ct Oval Sale price$980.40 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.10ct CushionPink Sapphire 1.10ct Cushion
Pink Sapphire 1.10ct Cushion Sale price$1,100.80 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.12ct OvalPink Sapphire 1.12ct Oval
Pink Sapphire 1.12ct Oval Sale price$1,005.60 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.13ct Oval
Pink Sapphire 1.13ct Oval Sale price$1,091.00 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.15ct Pear
Pink Sapphire 1.15ct Pear Sale price$742.75 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.18ct Octagonal
Pink Sapphire 1.18ct Octagonal Sale price$1,539.00 USD
Sold outPink Sapphire 1.28ct Pear
Pink Sapphire 1.28ct Pear Sale price$972.00 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.38ct Pear
Pink Sapphire 1.38ct Pear Sale price$783.00 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.39ct Radiant
Pink Sapphire 1.39ct Radiant Sale price$1,370.30 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.43ct Oval
Pink Sapphire 1.43ct Oval Sale price$1,401.10 USD
Sold outPink Sapphire 1.55ct Oval
Pink Sapphire 1.55ct Oval Sale price$1,276.50 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.61ct Octagonal
Pink Sapphire 1.61ct Octagonal Sale price$1,539.70 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.61ct Oval
Pink Sapphire 1.61ct Oval Sale price$1,314.30 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.63ct Octagonal
Pink Sapphire 1.63ct Octagonal Sale price$1,555.10 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.65ct Oval
Pink Sapphire 1.65ct Oval Sale price$1,339.50 USD
Sold outPink Sapphire 1.72ct Octagonal
Pink Sapphire 1.72ct Octagonal Sale price$1,985.60 USD
Sold outPink Sapphire 1.76ct Oval
Pink Sapphire 1.76ct Oval Sale price$1,532.00 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.78ct Octagonal
Pink Sapphire 1.78ct Octagonal Sale price$1,670.60 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.78ct Oval
Pink Sapphire 1.78ct Oval Sale price$1,670.60 USD
Pink Sapphire 1.94ct OctagonalPink Sapphire 1.94ct Octagonal
Pink Sapphire 1.94ct Octagonal Sale price$1,929.60 USD
Pink Sapphire 2.07ct Trilliant
Pink Sapphire 2.07ct Trilliant Sale price$1,459.20 USD
Sold outPink Sapphire 2.16ct Oval
Pink Sapphire 2.16ct Oval Sale price$2,568.00 USD
Pink Sapphire 2.16ct Pear
Pink Sapphire 2.16ct Pear Sale price$2,719.20 USD
Pink Sapphire 2.19ct OvalPink Sapphire 2.19ct Oval
Pink Sapphire 2.19ct Oval Sale price$3,519.30 USD
Pink Sapphire 2.65ct Pear
Pink Sapphire 2.65ct Pear Sale price$1,784.00 USD
Pink Sapphire 2.93ct PearPink Sapphire 2.93ct Pear
Pink Sapphire 2.93ct Pear Sale price$5,222.40 USD
Pink Sapphire 3.02ct OvalPink Sapphire 3.02ct Oval
Pink Sapphire 3.02ct Oval Sale price$5,373.60 USD
Pink Sapphire 3.08ct PearPink Sapphire 3.08ct Pear
Pink Sapphire 3.08ct Pear Sale price$5,474.40 USD

What is a Sustainable Pink Sapphire?

Are you captivated by pink gemstones and interested in understanding more about them? Pink sapphire, a rare color variety of the corundum mineral family where ruby also belongs, might be what you're looking for.

Here we will shed light on everything from its formation and rarity to its value and symbolism, unraveling every fascinating detail. Get ready to dive into the enchanting world of pink sapphires!

Key Takeaways

  • Pink sapphire is a rare and beautiful gemstone that belongs to the corundum family, which also includes ruby.
  • It comes in various shades of pink, ranging from light pink to intense and rich hues.
  • Pink sapphires are valued for their association with love, romance, and compassion.
  • These gemstones can be found in different parts of the world and may undergo heat treatment to enhance their color and clarity.

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Definition and Characteristics of Pink Sapphire

A pink sapphire is a kind of gemstone. It comes from the corundum family that also has ruby. Two elements make up this stone: aluminum and oxygen. The color can vary. It ranges from a light pink to an intense, rich shade of pink.

Their look depends on different things like their color, how clear they are, their cut and weight in carats. Some get heat-treated to bring out their colors more and make them clearer! This special gemstone stands for love, romance and all things girly! People value it for these traits too.

They think it helps with feelings and makes them feel more loving and caring!

Origin and Rarity of Pink Sapphires

Pink sapphires are formed from two chemical elements: aluminum and oxygen. They belong to the corundum family of gemstones, which also includes ruby. Pink sapphires are considered rare, but they are generally less expensive than other colored sapphires.

The color of pink sapphire can vary from light pink to intense and vivid hues. These precious gemstones can be found in different parts of the world, such as Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.

Pink sapphires may undergo heat treatment to enhance their color and clarity. Overall, pink sapphires have gained popularity for their beauty and symbolism in recent years, especially in engagement rings.

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In conclusion, a pink sapphire is a beautiful gemstone that belongs to the corundum family. It comes in various shades of pink and is known for its association with love and compassion.

Pink sapphires are rare but can be found in different parts of the world. Whether it's used in jewelry or engagement rings, a pink sapphire adds elegance and symbolism to any piece.


1. What is a pink sapphire?

A pink sapphire is a rare color of the sapphire gemstone, caused by chromium trace elements in its structure.

2. Do pink sapphires have meaning or symbolism?

Yes, the pink sapphire symbolizes compassion, balance, honesty and faithfulness. Many people believe it brings serenity and good fortune.

3. How is the value of a pink sapphire determined?

The value of a pink sapphire gets decided by its color quality, size measured in carats and whether it has been ethically sourced.

4. Are there differences between rubies and pink Sapphires?

Yes! Even though both are colored by chromium elements; rubies are deep red while Pink Sapphires can range from light to hot-pink shades.

5. Can I use Pink Sapphires in jewelry like engagement rings?

Absolutely! Due to their beauty, rarity and symbolism related to sincerity and faithfulness; many prefer wearing Pink Sapphire gemstones as part of birthstone jewelry or even on Sapphire Engagement Rings


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