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Yellow Sapphire

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Sold outYellow Sapphire 1.61ct Octagonal
Yellow Sapphire 1.61ct Octagonal Sale price$1,427.00 USD
Sold outYellow Sapphire 1.64ct Octagonal
Yellow Sapphire 1.64ct Octagonal Sale price$1,448.00 USD
Sold outYellow Sapphire 2.01ct Oval
Yellow Sapphire 2.01ct Oval Sale price$1,847.70 USD
Yellow Sapphire 2.05ct Radiant
Yellow Sapphire 2.05ct Radiant Sale price$2,596.00 USD
Yellow Sapphire 2.41ct OctagonalYellow Sapphire 2.41ct Octagonal
Yellow Sapphire 2.41ct Octagonal Sale price$2,830.50 USD
Yellow Sapphire 2.53ct CushionYellow Sapphire 2.53ct Cushion
Yellow Sapphire 2.53ct Cushion Sale price$2,602.30 USD
Yellow Sapphire 3.04ct RadiantYellow Sapphire 3.04ct Radiant
Yellow Sapphire 3.04ct Radiant Sale price$3,704.80 USD

What is a Yellow Sapphire?

Ever wondered about that vibrant, yellow gemstone catching your eye at the jewelry store? That's a yellow sapphire! As one of the most cherished gemstones from the corundum family, these beautiful stones are rich in history and meaning.

Here we account for all you need to know about yellow sapphires - from their unique formation process to their powerful metaphysical properties. Stay tuned if you're ready to dive into the fascinating world of this precious stone!

Key Takeaways

  • Yellow sapphires are vibrant yellow gemstones from the corundum family, known for their rich color and beauty.
  • These precious stones have a unique formation process and are hard and tough, ranking just below diamonds in hardness.
  • Wearing a yellow sapphire is believed to bring good luck, joy, wealth, and good health. They symbolize wisdom, prosperity, and happiness.
  • Yellow sapphires have metaphysical powers associated with the sun, love, commitment, abundance, and positive changes in life.

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The Appeal of Yellow Sapphires

Yellow sapphires shine bright like the sun. They have a rich color that goes from yellow to orange-yellow. This vibrant and warm hue makes them stand out in any piece of jewelry. These precious stones are hard and tough, ranking just below diamonds on the scale of hardness.

These gems have more to offer than their beauty. Yellow sapphire is not like other gemstones - it brings good luck too! People believe that wearing yellow sapphire can bring joy, wealth, and good health.

Because of this special power, many people value these precious stones highly.

The Meaning and Benefits of Yellow Sapphire


  • Yellow sapphire is a precious gemstone that brings wisdom, prosperity, and happiness.
  • It is believed to have metaphysical powers and is associated with the sun, love, and commitment.
  • Yellow sapphire symbolizes abundance and is connected to the planet Jupiter.
  • Wearing a yellow sapphire can bring positive changes in one's life.
  • It is considered a birthstone for those born in September.
  • Yellow sapphires have been highly valued for centuries for their beauty and rarity.


In conclusion, a yellow sapphire is a precious gemstone known for its vibrant canary yellow color. It holds great meaning and benefits, symbolizing wisdom, prosperity, and happiness.

Wearing a yellow sapphire can bring positive changes in one's life and is highly valued for its beauty and rarity.


1. What is a yellow sapphire?

A yellow sapphire is a natural gem that can be canary yellow or greenish-yellow. It's known for its meaning and significance as a symbol of wisdom and prosperity.

2. How do I judge the color of yellow sapphires?

You need to look at different factors before buying a yellow sapphire, including checking if it's truly canary or greenish-yellow. Learning more about the gemstone will help you understand these colors.

3. Why is the yellow sapphire tied to wisdom and prosperity?

The history of the yellow sapphire tells us it represents Jupiter, which stands for wisdom and wealth growth in many cultures— this makes them see it as a sign of good luck.

4. What changes might happen after wearing Yellow Sapphire?

Some believe that wearing this gemstone brings positive effects like gaining knowledge, growing rich or seeing changes in their life that lead to good things.

5. How much does Yellow Sapphire cost?

The worth of a Yellow Sapphire depends on its features: color, how clear it looks (gemological properties) etc., Prices also differ based on where you buy it from - so check out different places first!

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