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Article: Top 10 Most Expensive Precious Stones

A woman wearing a stunning blue diamond necklace in a luxury jewelry store.

Top 10 Most Expensive Precious Stones

The image features a diamond necklace with a rare gemstone.

Imagine owning one of the world's most expensive precious stones; it evokes a sense of mystery and allure. Did you know that some rare gemstones fetch higher prices than even the biggest diamonds? This blog post will guide you through the top 10 most expensive precious gems, revealing priceless insights about their unique features and extraordinary values.

Prepare yourself for an exciting journey into the opulent world of high-end gemology!

What Makes Precious Stones Valuable?

A display of various precious gemstones on a velvet background.

When it comes to determining the value of precious stones, a number of factors come into play, including rarity (the harder the stone is to find, the more valuable it tends to be), color (the more intense and vivid the color, the higher its value), clarity (stones with fewer imperfections are generally considered more desirable) and carat weight (bigger is usually better).


A rare blue diamond surrounded by precious gemstones in a vibrant still life arrangement.


Some gems are rarer than others. This makes them very expensive. Blue diamonds, for instance, are scarce. That's why they have a high price tag. The same goes for pink and red diamonds too! These stones don't show up often and people pay a lot of money for them because of that.


Close-up of a vibrant multi-colored gemstone collection with various faces and styles.


The color of a precious stone can make it very costly. For example, blue diamonds get their color from bits of boron inside them. This makes them very rare and valuable. Pink diamonds are also special because they have an unknown source for their color.

Red diamonds are among the most costly gemstones. They are liked a lot by people who collect such stones. Emeralds in deep green tones may even be more expensive than certain kinds of diamonds! Jadeite is another gemstone worth noting for its unique green shade which also boosts its price tag.


A flawless diamond under a magnifying glass, showcasing its beauty.

Clear stones have the best brilliance. They cost more too. Clarity is a way to tell how clear a stone is. It checks for things inside or on the stone that can cloud it. These things are called inclusions and blemishes.

Clear gemstones like diamonds have high value because they're rare with top notch clarity.


Carat is a word used to measure gemstones. One carat equals 200 milligrams. The cost of a stone goes up with its weight in carats and rarity. A blue diamond sold for $3.93 million per carat, making it very costly.

Other gems like pink diamonds can also be expensive at $1.5 million per carat. So, the size of the gem matters because value increases with each added carat!

Blue Diamond

A stunning blue diamond set in an elegant necklace.

Known for their striking blue hue and incredible rarity, Blue Diamonds are highly sought after. Discover why these precious stones command such high prices in the market and explore the tale of the most expensive Blue Diamond ever sold.

Intrigued? Keep reading to unmask more about this captivating gemstone!

Features of Blue Diamonds

A blue diamond displayed in various styles and vibrant settings.

Blue diamonds are in high demand. They have a color that comes from the Boron element. These rare gems only come from three mines in the world. You can tell them apart by their blue-green look in daylight and purple hue under other lights.

A Blue diamond was sold for $3.93 million per carat, making it the highest-price gemstone out there! The most money ever paid for one was $57.5 million for the Oppenheimer Blue diamond.

It is no surprise then that both gemstone collectors and people who put cash into costly items seek after these beautiful stones.

The Most Expensive Blue Diamond in the World

A woman wearing a stunning blue diamond necklace in a luxury jewelry store.

The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond is the most costly blue diamond in the world. In 2016, this gem sold for a jaw-dropping $57.5 million! It holds the title of being the largest vivid blue diamond ever found.

You won't see many like it, as blue diamonds come from only three mines across the globe. The color comes from boron bits within its makeup. Best believe that it's also expensive by weight, costing about 3.39 million euros per carat!

Pink Diamond

Dive into the world of the enchanting Pink Diamond, as we delve into its dazzling features and share intriguing tales about the most expensive Pink Diamond ever sold. Stay tuned to get swept away by this gem's captivating allure!

Features of Pink Diamonds

A close-up of a sparkling pink diamond ring on a velvet cushion.

Pink diamonds are quite rare and costly. They shine in a soft pink hue which looks very nice. The color can range from a faint pink to deep rose. These diamonds have a great sparkle that makes them stand out.

The Pink Star Diamond is the most famous one of its kind. It weighs 59.6 carats and has no flaws at all. This diamond sold for $71 million at an auction, making it the most expensive diamond ever sold.

The Most Expensive Pink Diamond in the World

A rare pink diamond showcased in a luxurious velvet jewelry box.

The Pink Star Diamond is the costliest pink diamond in the world. This gem sold at an auction for $71.2 million in 2017, making it a record sale. Each carat of this rare diamond can reach prices up to $1.5 million.

People see pink diamonds as signs of luxury and style. Only a few mines have these diamonds. That's what makes them so special and pricey.

Red Diamond

A stunning red diamond set in an elegant platinum ring.

Marvel at the breath-taking allure of the elusive Red Diamond. This extraordinary gem is among the rarest and most expensive in the world, boasting a fiery hue that captures hearts at first glance.

Stay tuned to discover more about its unique characteristics and ownership history of The Moussaieff, currently deemed as the priciest red diamond ever sold!

Features of Red Diamonds

Red diamonds truly catch the eye. They stand out for their deep, rich color. This can vary from a true red to a slight purple tint. These gems catch the light in such a way that they seem to glow from within.

Even if a red diamond has small marks or spots inside, it is still very high in value. Their worth comes more from their rareness than anything else. Many people want to own these gems because there are so few of them.

High-end jewelry often includes red diamonds, adding to their luxury appeal.

The Most Expensive Red Diamond in the World

The Moussaieff Red Diamond is the most costly red diamond in the world. This rare gem weights 5.11 carats and gets its color from a flaw called plastic deformation. Its unique beauty makes it worth $20 million today.

It was bought for only 8 million dollars years ago! The diamond's price shows how much people value rare stones like this one.


A model wearing an emerald gown poses in a lush forest.

Famed for its vivid green hue, the emerald is a precious gemstone that radiates captivating beauty and rarity. Unearth more about the most expensive emerald in the world in our detailed section below!

Features of Emeralds

Emeralds are characterized by their rich green hue. This color can make them cost more than some diamonds. The size and quality change their price too. Some emeralds have small lines or dots inside them, but that's normal.

There is only one most costly emerald in the world. It's called the Rockefeller Emerald. It sold for over five million dollars! Every gem of this type is rare and pretty to look at.

That makes people want to buy them a lot. So, they often stand for luxury and style.

The Most Expensive Emerald in the World

The Rockefeller Emerald holds the title of the most costly emerald ever. This gem sold for a huge price of $5.51 million in 2017. Its deep green color makes it very special and rare.

Made from beryl, emeralds get their unique color from tiny bits of chromium or vanadium. They can even cost more than diamonds if they have a rich green hue!


Close-up photo of a vibrant green jadeite gemstone on black velvet.

Known for its rich, translucent green color, jadeite is one of the most expensive gemstones in this world. To learn about the priciest piece of jadeite and its mesmerizing features, keep reading!

Features of Jadeite

Jadeite is a very special gemstone. Its rarity, due to its limited availability, drives its high cost. People love its dark green color that shines from within. The more clear and deep the green color is, the more people want to pay for it.

It's also used in making statues and fancy items because of how nice it looks. The highest price ever paid for Jadeite was $27.44 million, all for a necklace!

The Most Expensive Jadeite in the World

The Hutton Mdivani necklace is the most costly jadeite in the world. It sold for $27.44 million! This makes it the priciest piece of jadeite jewelry ever bought. Jadeite is rare and that's why its cost is high.

People love it because of its deep color and clear look. Both collectors and people who invest money seek after this precious stone a lot!


A stunning Grandidierite gemstone featured in a mystical forest setting.

This unique and stunning blue-green gemstone, known as Grandidierite, is one of the rarest on the planet. To uncover more about its captivating beauty and to learn why it's tagged among the most expensive precious stones in the world, keep reading.

Features of Grandidierite

Grandidierite is a very rare stone with a beautiful bluish-green color. It can show different shades of blue and green. This gem weighs up to 764 carats in its largest known form! It comes from Madagascar, a wild and exciting place.

Grandidierite is highly valued due to being so rare and unique looking. If you have one of these stones, it may be worth up to $20,000 per carat! People love this stone for its luxury feel and glamorous look.

The Most Expensive Grandidierite in the World

The biggest Grandidierite in the world is a huge gem. This gem weighs 764 carats. You can find it in the Medici Collection. As per its weight and quality, it could be worth $15.28 million! The price for such a stone is often as high as $20,000 per carat.

Grandidierite stones are tough to cut because of their shape. They look like jade stones but they aren't the same thing at all! So don't mix them up or you might pay more than you should.

These gems are rare and special which makes them very costly.


A rare and beautiful Painite crystal displayed against a dark background.

Discover the striking beauty and extreme rarity of Painite, a borate mineral that was once named as the rarest gemstone in the world. Uncover how its unique features and stunning color make it one of the most expensive precious stones on earth.

Tune in for more!

Features of Painite

Painite is a rare and precious stone. Until 2001, only three specimens of this stone were known. The color of Painite can be dark red or brownish-orange red. Because of this, some people may mistake it for ruby or garnet.

Painite is one of the most costly gemstones in the world. A single carat can bring a price as high as $60,000! The priciest Painite weighs 213.52 carats and belongs to the Medici Collection.

This impressive gemstone is worth between $10.67 million and $12.8 million dollars.

The Most Expensive Painite in the World

The most costly painite weighs 213.52 carats and is in the Medici Collection. The value of this painite can be anywhere from $10.67 million to $12.8 million. That’s a lot of cash for just one stone!


A sparkling Taaffeite gemstone in a jewelry box surrounded by luxury.

Considered one of the rarest gems in the world, Taaffeite displays an alluring range of colors from nearly colorless to pink, mauve and sapphire blue. This magnificent gemstone was originally mistaken for spinel until gemologist Richard Taaffe discovered its uniqueness - hence it got its name! For more intriguing insights about this ultra-rare jewel, including details about the priciest Taaffeite ever sold, continue reading our comprehensive guide.

Features of Taaffeite

Taaffeite is a rare and special stone. Its colors are light pink or violet. Some stones can change color too! The gemologist Richard Taaffe was the first to identify this unique stone. He thought it was ruby, but he was wrong because it's Taaffeite!

You can find this expensive stone in Sri Lanka and Tanzania. We know only 50 stones of Taaffeite so far. It is really hard to get one! The size, quality, how rare it is, and demand make the price of Taaffeite very high.

The Most Expensive Taaffeite in the World

The costliest Taaffeite stone ever sold had a big price tag. It went for $35,000 per carat! This gem was not just rare; it also had a deep pink hue. The stone came from Sri Lanka, one of the only places where Taaffeite gems are found.

There are only 50 known existing Taaffeites in the whole world! That's why they fetch such high prices.


A stunning Alexandrite gemstone with mesmerizing color-changing ability.

As one of the most astounding gemstones, Alexandrite is known for its incredible color-changing ability. From a brilliant green in daylight to an alluring red under incandescent light, this stone's unexpected transformation never fails to captivate.

Discover the rarest and most expensive Alexandrite ever sold and delve deeper into its fascinating features in our next section. Don't miss out!

Features of Alexandrite

Alexandrite is a rare gemstone with a unique trick. It can change color! In daylight, it shines in cool green tones. But under candlelight or lamp light, it flips to a warm red hue.

This gemstone comes from Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Asia. Its price tag matches its rarity - one carat of this stone costs around $12,000 on average! Because of its special color-switching ability, high-end jewelry often features alexandrite gems.

Collectors also love them for their uncommon traits.

The Most Expensive Alexandrite in the World

The top Alexandrite is unique and pricey. It hails from Russia, and gets its name from Tsar Alexander II. Its worth lies in a special color change, going from green to red with ease.

The biggest one we know weighs 65.72 carats and costs more than $1 million! People who love gemstones prize this rare item for its cool color switch.

Conclusion: The Fascinating World of Precious Stones

A dazzling display of rare gemstones showcased in vibrant still life photography.

The world of precious stones is filled with beauty and high price tags. Each gem has a story to tell, from its rare find to the high cost. The value of these stones keeps growing every day.

That's what makes the search for them an exciting adventure!