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Our story

At Caldera we offer a curated selection of meticulously hand-picked, one-off diamonds, sapphire, ruby, aquamarine and other precious gemstones for your bespoke jewellery design.

We specialise in exquisitely cut pieces, ideal for engagement rings, wedding rings and diamond rings.

We offer our customers the ability to source a unique and original natural gemstone online from our store.

When you choose from our exclusive selection, you can relax, knowing we have mastered the art and science of finding the world’s most desirable diamonds and gemstones. We search across continents for you, hand-picking the best, and only purchasing from authentic and trusted suppliers.


Why us?

We are experts in gem cutting, sourcing and quality. We take the risk and the complexity out of sourcing exceptional diamonds and gemstones, focusing on quality, cut and make. We are meticulously passionate about our products, carrying a refined range and only supplying the best.  

    The process

    The process begins with your idea. Your idea could be a sapphire halo ring (like the one Princess Diana wore), an art-deco piece featuring an emerald cut diamond, or a ruby or diamond solitaire ring in a vintage style. 

    Or you know she wants a peach sapphire, a green sapphire or a radiant cut diamond. But you have no idea what sort of design she wants. Why not present her with the stone allowing you both to work out a design she likes? All our gemstones are packaged in a beautiful hand-crafted gem box ready for gifting.

    Shop our collection of beautiful and unique, hand-selected gemstones. Think about your ideal colour: blues such as aquamarine and sapphire, deep fire colours such as ruby and spessartite garnet, peach hues in padparadscha, peach sapphire and morganite, earthy greens from peridot, alexandrite and green sapphire.

    Stone in hand, contact your preferred artisan jeweller - a unique stone deserves an original design and we encourage you to have your special piece custom designed by a skilled jeweller craftsman.