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Aquamarine 1.82ct OvalAquamarine 1.82ct Oval
Aquamarine 1.82ct Oval Sale price$937.00 USD
Aquamarine 10.14ct OctagonalAquamarine 10.14ct Octagonal
Aquamarine 10.14ct Octagonal Sale price$5,623.50 USD
Aquamarine 10.16ct CushionAquamarine 10.16ct Cushion
Aquamarine 10.16ct Cushion Sale price$3,144.80 USD
Aquamarine 11.21ct OctagonalAquamarine 11.21ct Octagonal
Aquamarine 11.21ct Octagonal Sale price$6,185.25 USD
Aquamarine 13.02ct OctagonalAquamarine 13.02ct Octagonal
Aquamarine 13.02ct Octagonal Sale price$7,135.50 USD
Aquamarine 14.26ct OctagonalAquamarine 14.26ct Octagonal
Aquamarine 14.26ct Octagonal Sale price$7,786.50 USD
Aquamarine 3.58ct PearAquamarine 3.58ct Pear
Aquamarine 3.58ct Pear Sale price$2,054.20 USD
Aquamarine 4.05ct PearAquamarine 4.05ct Pear
Aquamarine 4.05ct Pear Sale price$2,426.25 USD
Aquamarine 4.15ct PearAquamarine 4.15ct Pear
Aquamarine 4.15ct Pear Sale price$2,043.00 USD
Aquamarine 4.48ct PearAquamarine 4.48ct Pear
Aquamarine 4.48ct Pear Sale price$2,652.00 USD
Aquamarine 4.59ct OvalAquamarine 4.59ct Oval
Aquamarine 4.59ct Oval Sale price$2,709.75 USD
Aquamarine 4.66ct OctagonalAquamarine 4.66ct Octagonal
Aquamarine 4.66ct Octagonal Sale price$2,746.50 USD
Aquamarine 4.88ct OctagonalAquamarine 4.88ct Octagonal
Aquamarine 4.88ct Octagonal Sale price$2,862.00 USD
Aquamarine 5.20ct OvalAquamarine 5.20ct Oval
Aquamarine 5.20ct Oval Sale price$3,030.00 USD
Aquamarine 6.50ct OvalAquamarine 6.50ct Oval
Aquamarine 6.50ct Oval Sale price$3,258.00 USD
Aquamarine 7.20ct OctagonalAquamarine 7.20ct Octagonal
Aquamarine 7.20ct Octagonal Sale price$4,080.00 USD
Sold outAquamarine 7.31ct Octagonal
Aquamarine 7.31ct Octagonal Sale price$4,137.75 USD
Aquamarine 7.49ct Octagonal
Aquamarine 7.49ct Octagonal Sale price$4,232.25 USD
Aquamarine 9.11ct OctagonalAquamarine 9.11ct Octagonal
Aquamarine 9.11ct Octagonal Sale price$5,082.75 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.00ct Pear
Blue Sapphire 1.00ct Pear Sale price$1,280.00 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.01ct Cushion
Blue Sapphire 1.01ct Cushion Sale price$1,042.35 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.01ct Oval
Blue Sapphire 1.01ct Oval Sale price$1,501.90 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.03ct OctagonalBlue Sapphire 1.03ct Octagonal
Blue Sapphire 1.03ct Octagonal Sale price$1,237.30 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.03ct OvalBlue Sapphire 1.03ct Oval
Blue Sapphire 1.03ct Oval Sale price$1,093.10 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.04ct Octagonal
Blue Sapphire 1.04ct Octagonal Sale price$1,610.40 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.04ct OvalBlue Sapphire 1.04ct Oval
Blue Sapphire 1.04ct Oval Sale price$1,173.60 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.04ct OvalBlue Sapphire 1.04ct Oval
Blue Sapphire 1.04ct Oval Sale price$1,173.60 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.04ct Pear
Blue Sapphire 1.04ct Pear Sale price$1,319.20 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.04ct Round
Blue Sapphire 1.04ct Round Sale price$1,319.20 USD
Sold outBlue Sapphire 1.04ct Round
Blue Sapphire 1.04ct Round Sale price$1,246.40 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.06ct OvalBlue Sapphire 1.06ct Oval
Blue Sapphire 1.06ct Oval Sale price$1,190.40 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.07ct OvalBlue Sapphire 1.07ct Oval
Blue Sapphire 1.07ct Oval Sale price$1,198.80 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.07ct PearBlue Sapphire 1.07ct Pear
Blue Sapphire 1.07ct Pear Sale price$1,198.80 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.08ct Octagonal
Blue Sapphire 1.08ct Octagonal Sale price$1,093.80 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.08ct Oval
Blue Sapphire 1.08ct Oval Sale price$1,585.20 USD
Sold outBlue Sapphire 1.08ct Round
Blue Sapphire 1.08ct Round Sale price$1,358.40 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.09ct Octagonal
Blue Sapphire 1.09ct Octagonal Sale price$1,215.60 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.09ct Radiant
Blue Sapphire 1.09ct Radiant Sale price$795.95 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.11ct Oval
Blue Sapphire 1.11ct Oval Sale price$1,620.90 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.12ct Octagonal
Blue Sapphire 1.12ct Octagonal Sale price$1,828.80 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.12ct Oval
Blue Sapphire 1.12ct Oval Sale price$927.20 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.14ct Octagonal
Blue Sapphire 1.14ct Octagonal Sale price$1,137.90 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.14ct Oval
Blue Sapphire 1.14ct Oval Sale price$1,337.40 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.15ct Round
Blue Sapphire 1.15ct Round Sale price$1,346.50 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.15ct RoundBlue Sapphire 1.15ct Round
Blue Sapphire 1.15ct Round Sale price$1,266.00 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.16ct CushionBlue Sapphire 1.16ct Cushion
Blue Sapphire 1.16ct Cushion Sale price$1,396.20 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.16ct Octagonal
Blue Sapphire 1.16ct Octagonal Sale price$2,167.60 USD
Blue Sapphire 1.16ct Oval
Blue Sapphire 1.16ct Oval Sale price$1,193.20 USD